Electrostatic dedusting device for computers



The invention provides an electrostatic dedusting device for computers, which relates to the technical field of computers. The device comprises a shell divided into a left part and a right part by an insulating baffle, wherein a dedusting template is placed at the right end of the shell; the inner extending side of the dedusting template is provided with a plate-type grounding electrode, is in movable inlaid connection with the insulating baffle through a contact rod, and is connected with a computer power-fixing seat arranged inside the left end of the shell; the bottom of the dedusting template is provided with a filter net cover; a photoresistor and a light-emitting diode are arranged under the filter net cover; a stainless steel filter screen and the bottom of the dedusting template are fixed and held through a lining frame and a filter screen-fixing frame; a dust collection plate is arranged inside the dedusting template; an electrostatic protective screen is fixed on the dust collection plate; a voltage converter and a control circuit connected with the light-emitting diode and the photoresistor are arranged in the left end of the shell; the control circuit is connected withan alarm device additionally arranged; and a plastic plate is fixed on the upper part of the left end of the shell. Compared with the prior art, the device has the advantages of good dedusting effects, easy disassembly, easy installation, easy replacement and capability of reminding users to clean dust in time.




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