Hot extrusion copper material constant temperature heating device


  • Inventors: ZHUO DANCHUN
  • Assignees: 卓旦春
  • Publication Date: June 27, 2012
  • Publication Number: CN-101758132-B


The invention relates to the field of mechanical modification in the hot extrusion processing technology, in particular to a hot extrusion copper material constant temperature heating device, which comprises a punch connected to one end of a V-shaped rail, wherein the other end of the V-shaped rail is connected to a hopper; vibration springs are arranged below the hopper, and the hopper is connected with an eccentric wheel through a pull rod; a feeding cylinder is also arranged below the hopper and is connected with an electromagnetic control system; the lower part of the V-shaped rail is connected to a tripod; a thermotank is also arranged on the V-shaped rail; and blast burners are arranged in the thermotank and connected to an external gas source through a gas pipe. Compared with the traditional production process of hot extrusion, the hot extrusion copper material constant temperature heating device has the advantages of tending to the modification of mechanical automation, saving labor, improving labor intensity, setting different temperature values to control punching temperature according to different copper materials, ensuring the quality of finished pieces, saving a large number of energy simultaneously, taking up smaller space and saving processing cost.




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