Preparation formula and method of porcelain glaze for high temperature sealing



The invention discloses a preparation formula and a method of porcelain glaze for high temperature sealing. The formula comprises the following components in proportion by weight: 47.4% of red lead powder, 25.6% of boric acid, 20.8% of silicon oxide, 2.3% of aluminum oxide, 2.3% of chromic oxide and 1.6% of barium carbonate. The preparation method of the porcelain glaze comprises the following steps: (1) fully and evenly mixing the raw materials according to the formula and filling the mixture into a graphite crucible; (2) after heating a high temperature well type electric furnace to 1350-1400 DEG C, putting the graphite crucible into the high temperature well type electric furnace, and sintering at the temperature range for 4-6 hours; (3) taking an sintered porcelain glaze molten mass out of the electric furnace, quickly pouring into cold water so that the molten mass is cooled suddenly and turns into an porcelain glaze clinker; and (4) after the porcelain glaze clinker is cooled and dried, adding porcelain balls with the diameter of 10mm-25mm and the total weight same as the weight of the porcelain glaze clinker, putting the porcelain glaze clinker and the porcelain balls into a ball milling drum, carrying out ball milling for more than 32 hours, and then passing a 100 mesh sieve to obtain the porcelain glaze powder. The porcelain glaze powder prepared as required is widelyapplied to the manufacturing of thermocouples and can meet the requirement of high temperature sealing.




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