Method for culturing fermentation seed liquid by adopting solid straws as carbon source



The invention relates to a method for culturing fermentation seed liquid by adopting solid straws as a carbon source. The method comprises the specific steps: (1) activation of fermentation strains: strains stored from strain preservation plates, preservation slants or frozen glycerin preservation tubes are inoculated in synthetic medium; (2) pretreated solid straws are added into the medium to carry out synchronous saccharification and naturalization for culturing the seeds; (3) process of the multi-stage intermediate culture of seed liquid; and (4) inoculation and fermentation: the serous fluid which is obtained by the culture of steps (2) and (3) and contains fermentation strains is inoculated into a fermentation tank with high solid content to carry out synchronous saccharification and fermentation to prepare alcohol or other biological base products. The method has the advantages of: eliminating microbiological contamination risk in the process of obtaining clear liquid of hydrolysis liquid by solid-liquid separation, improving the tolerance of strains on the inhibitory substances and solid matrix, and having low process cost, short fermentation period and very good industrialized application prospect.




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