Method for constructing precast coping through multi-phase strain



The invention relates to a method for constructing a cast coping part through multi-phase strain. The method comprises the steps of: manufacturing a primary segment block by forming more than one row of first lateral casings on a set position of the primary segment block when the primary segment blocks are superposed on the upper end of the blocks as the pier components, manufacturing an auxiliary segment block by matching with the dies on two sides of the primary segment block and forming second lateral casings corresponding to the first lateral casings on the auxiliary segment block, guiding the longitudinal tension through the longitudinal pre-stressed reinforcing steel in the longitudinal casings of the primary segment block after lifting and superposing the primary segment blocks on the upper end of the blocks as the pier components, and guiding the lateral tension through the lateral pre-stressed reinforcing steel in the inserted first and second lateral casings after lifting and combining the auxiliary segment blocks on two sides of the primary segment blocks having the guided longitudinal tension.




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