Manufacturing method of polyaniline composite nano fiber membrane optical sensor and detection method thereof



The invention relates to a manufacturing method of polyaniline composite nano fiber membrane optical sensor and a detection method thereof. The manufacturing method includes: eigenstate polyaniline raw material is dissolved; blending polymer is added into polyaniline solution; the solution is subject to electrostatic spinning, so as to prepare nano composite fiber; the nano composite fiber is deposited onto ITO conductive glass, so as to obtain conductive glass deposited with polyaniline composite fiber membrane, namely the polyaniline composite nano fiber membrane optical sensor. The detection method includes that the polyaniline composite nano fiber membrane optical sensor is placed into solution or gas sample containing substance to be detected, and standing and vacuum drying are carried out; a spectral measuring system is utilized to detect reflection and absorption spectrums thereof, Lab colour mode and RGB colour mode are adopted to calculate colour variation value, and the concentration of the detected substance is obtained. The invention has the advantages that equipment is simple, cost is low, no pre-treatment is required to be carried out on sample, detection range is wide, detection sensitivity is high, and real-time detection can be carried out.




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