Full-automatic comprehensive detection device for deep groove ball bearing



The utility model relates to a full-automatic comprehensive detection device for a deep groove ball bearing, which is characterized in that a bottom plate is sequentially provided with a diameter detection device, an inner diameter, outer chamfer and height detection device and a channel detection device, the diameter detection device, the inner diameter, outer chamfer and height detection device and the channel detection device are connected through a material channel. The full-automatic comprehensive detection device can complete channel detection efficiently, can adjust the measurement size of products through adjusting screws (a first adjusting screw and a second adjusting screw) and adjusting cushion blocks (a first adjusting cushion block and a second adjusting cushion block), and is applicable to measurement for different types of bearings. Each of the products gets into a detecting position, detection for an outer chamfer of a bearing is realized through matching a chamfer follower plate with a chamfer measuring meter, the inner diameter is detected through matching a second measuring bar with an inner diameter radial direction measuring meter, the height of the product is detected through matching a height measuring meter with a height measuring guide rail, the diameter is measured through matching a first measuring bar with a diameter radial direction measuring meter, measuring points are basically kept to be consistent at each time, and the detection precision is high.




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