Projector suspending box



The utility model belongs to the technical field of teaching apparatuses and equipment and relates to a projector suspending box which comprises an upper end frame body and a suspending box base plate, four symmetric corners between the upper end frame body and the suspending box base plate are welded and fixed through a support rack, the integral body of the projector suspending box is cuboid-shaped in structure, the front face and the left and right side faces of the projector suspending box are provided with baffle plates, the middle part of the upper end frame body is fixed through eight connecting bars that intersect with one another, a middle intersection part is a round hollow center, corners right below top ends of two sides of the upper end frame body are respectively provided with hooks, a pedestal is mounted on the base plate of the suspending box, the middle part of the pedestal is provided with three rectangle-shaped hollow parts that are arranged at an interval, and the periphery of the pedestal protrudes upward; the projector suspending box is simple in structure and convenient in installation, requirements of air intake and heat dissipation functions of a projector can be well met, and the problem that dead halts or automatic restarts of the projector are caused due to overheat is prevented; through a design combination of the base plate and the hollow framework of the pedestal, the projector can be opened in a hand-operated manner while normal teaching is not affected; surplus middle lines can be connected to the projector after running through hooks arranged at the two sides, and potential safety hazards are lowered.




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