Wear-resistant cable



The utility model relates to a wear-resistant cable comprising central conductors. Each central conductor is composed of a plurality of intertwisted leads and an insulation layer wrapping the periphery of the leads. A copper wire braided layer is coiled outside the central conductors. An outerside of the copper wire braided layer is wrapped by an ethylene-tetrafluoroethylene resin layer. Filling fiber wires are arranged among the central conductors and the copper wire braided layer. The central conductors and the filling fiber wires are intertwisted to form a wire core with a circular cross section. The wear-resistant cable is delicate and reasonable in design, good in tensile strength, long in service life, not easy to break and wear by external force, and high in wear-resistance performance and aging-resistance performance. Usage performances of the wear-resistant cable are greatly improved, and personal safety is effectively protected further.




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