Large-amplitude anti-blocking coal chute



The utility model discloses a large-amplitude anti-blocking coal chute which comprises a coal conveying pipe and a coal chute body. The outer diameter of the tail end of the coal conveying pipe is smaller than the inner diameter of the head end of the coal chute body, the head end of the coal chute body is movably connected with the tail end of the coal conveying pipe, and a vibrator is arranged at the tail end of the coal chute body. The large-amplitude anti-blocking coal chute can effectively prevent coal bonding and blocking, the coal chute vibrates with a rotation shaft or a connection rod as a center through the effect of the vibrator, so that the coal stream surface of the coal chute can vibrate at large amplitude, coal bonded in the coal chute can be loosened, and the purpose of block breaking and dredging is achieved.




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