Formwork system special for concrete construction



The utility model belongs to the field of hydraulic and hydropower engineering construction, and discloses a formwork system special for concrete construction. The formwork system comprises a formwork and a supporting system. The formwork comprises at least one piece of steel wire gauze which is composed of a plurality of meshes. A plurality of strip-shaped iron sheets are vertically arranged in the steel wire gauze. The supporting system comprises the reinforcing steel bar meshes which are knitted on the outer surface of the steel wire gauze in the horizontal direction and the vertical direction, and tie bars arranged in the bin face. The formwork system special for concrete construction can be rapidly installed in a time saving mode without dabbing, the formwork and the supporting system do not need to be detached, the time spent on detaching the formwork is saved, and therefore the construction period is shortened. The formwork system can be used for large-size concrete construction of parts which are not exposed and for one-stage concrete construction of small space, and is particularly suitable for concrete construction of gate grooves of hydraulic gates where the number of embedded parts is large in hydropower engineering.




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