Engineering vehicle and bogie for same



The utility model provides an engineering vehicle and a bogie for the same. The bogie for the engineering vehicle comprises an H-shaped weld framework, a primary suspension mechanism, a secondary suspension mechanism and a traction device. The primary suspension mechanism comprises four rocker arm type axle boxes, two wheel pairs, four spiral springs and four vertical shock absorbers, and the rocker arm type axle boxes are hinged onto the H-shaped weld framework by rocker arm rubber joints; the secondary suspension mechanism comprises two air springs, two height control valves, a differential valve, two transverse shock absorbers and two anti-snaking shock absorbers; the traction device comprises a traction pin, a traction beam and two traction draw bars, the traction pin is rotatably connected to the middle of the traction beam, the traction draw bars are arranged among the ends of the traction beam and the H-shaped weld framework, Z-shaped structures are formed by the traction beam and the two traction draw bars, and the ends of the traction beam are connected with the corresponding transverse shock absorbers. The engineering vehicle and the bogie for the engineering vehicle have the advantage that the high-speed running stability and reliability of the bogie for the engineering vehicle can be improved.




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