Stand-column-type electric fan with detachable front cover


  • Inventors: KONG QINGLIN
  • Assignees: 孔青林
  • Publication Date: October 01, 2014
  • Publication Number: CN-203856746-U


A stand-column-type electric fan with a detachable front cover comprises a base, a shell body, a front air outlet cover, a tubular wind wheel and a drive device. The shell body rotates relative to the base. An air outlet is formed in the front of the shell body. The stand-column-type electric fan with the detachable front cover is characterized in that the shell body comprises a bottom shell provided with a top opening and a bottom opening and a top cover, and the top cover is embedded with the top opening of the bottom shell; the section, perpendicular to the horizontal plane, of the front air outlet cover is of an angle shape, and the front air outlet cover is provided with an air outlet fence; the bottom of the front air outlet cover is provided with a connecting hole and an elastic clasp hook, and a pin body is arranged on a horizontal plate at the top of the front air outlet cover; the front air outlet cover plate is embedded with an angle-shaped embedded groove, the pin body is inserted into an inserting hole, and the elastic clasp hook is buckled with the inserting hole; a bolt penetrates through the connecting hole and is connected with a front face plate in a threaded mode through screw holes. By the adoption of the structure, the front air outlet cover is buckled with the shell body and can be fixedly connected with the shell body only through one bolt, so that disassembly and cleaning are convenient.




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