Short-message IC (intelligent card) card intelligent membrane-type gas meter



The utility model discloses a short-message IC (intelligent card) card intelligent membrane-type gas meter. A soleplate and a meter hood are respectively fixed on the back surface and the front surface of a base meter; the meter hood is provided with a window of a counter, a window of a liquid crystal display device and a functional button, and a control circuit board and a battery pole piece are arranged in the meter hood; a built-in valve is arranged to be adjacent to an air inlet inside the base meter; the control circuit board is provided with a liquid crystal display device, a super-capacitor and a card insertion seat; the control circuit board is respectively connected with the functional button, the built-in valve, the counter and the battery pole piece through a connecting wire; a short-message module is also fixed in the meter hood, and the short-message module is connected with the control circuit board. The short-message IC card intelligent membrane-type gas meter is novel in design, complete in function, accurate in metering, safe in use, easy in operation and convenient to repair and can be applied to the fields such as different plot resident users, industrial and mine enterprises, hotels, schools, scientific research institutions and the like.




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