Climbing quickdraw



The utility model discloses a climbing quickdraw which comprises a rubber sleeve and a piece of seamless annular braid. A strip-shaped body is formed after the two opposite sides of the seamless annular braid are pressed towards each other. The strip-shaped body is arranged in a cavity of the rubber sleeve in a penetrating mode. The two ends of the strip-shaped body are exposed out of the two ends of the rubber sleeve. A rubber ring with a straight arm is arranged in a through hole in at least one of the two ends of the strip-shaped body. The straight arm is inserted between the two opposite sides, in the cavity, of the seamless annular braid. The seamless annular braid is wrapped in the rubber sleeve, through holes required for quick hanging are formed in the two ends of the seamless annular braid, and the quickdraw is convenient to hold; meanwhile, compared with a quickdraw with the sown two ends, the quickdraw is convenient to detach, safe and reliable; due to the rubber ring arranged in the through hole in one end of the quickdraw, abrasion which is caused by devices matched with the quickdraw to the outer layer of the quickdraw can be effectively reduced. The climbing quickdraw is simple in structure, safe, reliable, convenient to use and practical.




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