Clamping mechanism of multiple rows of blades



The utility model discloses a clamping mechanism of multiple rows of blades. The clamping mechanism comprises a mould, a locking mechanism, a fixed block and the blades, the locking mechanism is arranged on the mould, the fixed block is connected with the locking mechanism, the locking mechanism comprises a locking block, a locking groove and a locking screw, the locking block is matched with the locking groove, the locking block comprises a clamping position block and a clamping block, the clamping position block and the clamping block are of an integral structure, and the fixed block is connected with the locking mechanism through the locking screw. Skid-resistance layers are arranged on the two sides of the locking block, and the thickness of the skid-resistance layers ranges from 0.01 mm to 0.05 mm. The clamping mechanism is simple in structure and good in clamping effect, due to the improvement of the tool clamping mechanism and the machining method of the mechanism, the effective locking aim of the blades is achieved, even if a tool is continuously used for a long time, the positions of the blades cannot be loosened, and shifted, and slitting precision of multiple rows of products is ensured.




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