Heating shaver



The utility model relates to a heating shaver. According to the heating shaver, the front end of a shaver body is provided with a heating wire containing groove and a rotation shaft, a control circuit is arranged in the shaver body, a magnetic core is arranged on the rotation shaft, the magnetic core is matched with the rotation shaft in a linkage mode, and heating wires are placed in the heating wire containing groove. The control circuit comprises a Hall sensor, a trigger circuit, a heating circuit and a power supply circuit, wherein the Hall sensor is arranged at the front end of the shaver body and used for detecting the rotation speed of the rotation shaft, the trigger circuit is used for controlling the heating circuit to work according to detection signals of the Hall sensor, and the heating circuit is used for adjusting the magnitude of currents passing through the heating wires along with changes of the detection signals of the Hall sensor. The magnetic core in linkage with the rotation shaft is detected through the Hall sensor, the currents of the heating wires are adjusted through the rotation speed, detected through the Hall sensor, of the rotation shaft so as to enable the temperature of the heating wires to be capable of being adjusted along with the rolling speed of the rotation shaft, and therefore the situation that the skin is scalded because local temperature is too high due to the fact that rolling is stopped in the use process can be avoided.




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