Automatic capping device for serial production line of polyurethane rigid lump foam



The utility model discloses an automatic capping device for a serial production line of polyurethane rigid lump foam. A pneumatic actuator is fixed on bearing cross rods of the serial production line through a load-bearing bracket; a pneumatic actuator lower actuating end is connected with a capping frame through a pressure transmitter; rollers are mounted under the capping frame; the pressure transmitter is connected with a DCS control system; a pneumatic electromagnetic valve is arranged between the pneumatic actuator and an air compressor; the DCS controller is connected with the pneumatic electromagnetic valve. The automatic capping device has the advantages that the adopted DCS control system outputs proper current signals to the pneumatic electromagnetic valve according to control requirements; the pressure applied to the foam top by the capping in foaming is adjusted by utilizing air pressure; produced rigid foam is relatively flat in upper surface; material cutting rate is high; product cost is lowered.




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