Handheld drill rod detector



The utility model relates to a handheld drill rod detector which is a dedicated device used for examining whether a foundation or a foundation treatment result reaches to design requirements. The handheld drill rod detector serves as extension of an arm during drill rod operation and is formed by a shifting fork (11), a hexagon nut (12), the telescopic arm (13) and a handle (14). When the handheld drill rod detector is used for operation, operating personnel do not need to ascend to a high place, a core cross hammer is stuck by the shifting fork (11) on the handheld drill rod detector and lifted to a baffle and then is released, the core cross hammer can freely fall off and hammer a force bearing hammer, and consequently a drill rod can sink. The handheld drill rod detector has the advantages that the situation that the operating personnel ascend to the high place for operation can be avoided, the degree of safety is improved, labor intensity of the operating personnel is relieved, and labor force is saved.




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