Multifunctional electronic cockroach killer



The utility model discloses a multifunctional electronic cockroach killer which comprises a box, a solar cell panel, a high-voltage power grid, a luring feed disc, a rechargeable battery, an electronic controller, a cockroach in/out opening, a black light lamp, an organic glass cover, a power switch, a black light lamp switch, an indication lamp and a light control probe. The high-voltage power grid is rectangular and obliquely arranged in the box, the luring feed disc is arranged in the middle of the high-voltage power grid, the electronic controller and the black light lamp are arranged under the high-voltage power grid, the solar cell panel and the organic glass cover capable of being opened are arranged on the box, the power switch, the black light lamp switch, the indication lamp and the light control probe are arranged on one side of the box, the rechargeable battery is arranged on the box, and the cockroach in/out opening is formed in the front face of the box. The multifunctional electronic cockroach killer has the advantages of being reasonable in structure, friendly to the environment, convenient to use, safe, reliable, and good in capturing effect, and saving energy.




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