Spindle box



The utility model discloses a spindle box. The spindle box comprises a spindle, a front bearing, a rear bearing and sleeves arranged outside the two bearings in a sleeved mode, wherein the front bearing and the rear bearing are installed on the spindle, a pull rod is arranged in the spindle, a chuck sleeve is fixed to the front segment of the pull rod and comprises a cushion block, a base and a sleeve head, the cushion block tightly abuts against the spindle through a cushion block bearing, the base is connected with the sleeve head through a screw, a lubricating oil through hole is formed in the base, the sleeve head and a chuck are respectively provided with a conical face, the conical faces are adaptive to each other, the chuck is arranged in the chuck sleeve, and the chuck and the chuck sleeve are pressed on the spindle by an end cover. The spindle box is compact in structure, good in rigidity and long in service life.




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