Novel welding table



The utility model discloses a novel welding table. The welding table comprises a support and a table top. The support under the table top is provided with a welding tool box, and a plurality of installation holes are disposed on the table top. One installation hole is provided with an easily disassembled and assembled table clamp through a fastening piece. The left upper corner of the table top is provided with an easily disassembled and assembled hanging rod which consists of a vertical hanging rod and a cross hanging rod. The front side of the table top and the left and right sides of the table top are respectively hinged to a turnover transparent block, and the three turnover transparent blocks are turned upwards, and then are fixed through corner connecting pieces to form a semi-enclosing blocking plane. The welding table is simple in structure, and is specially designed for welding operation. The table top is provided with the easily disassembled and assembled table clamp which can be installed on any one installation hole on the table top, thereby bringing convenience to the fixing of a welding workpiece, and improving the welding quality and efficiency. Meanwhile, the welding table is further provided with the turnover transparent blocks, thereby preventing welding spatter from causing personal safety dangers and fire risks.




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