Efficient and safe cigarette unloading device



The utility model discloses an efficient and safe cigarette unloading device. In order to overcome the defects that workers feel sultry and uncomfortable during existing cigarette loading and unloading, operation efficiency and body health of the loading and unloading workers are seriously affected, and the workers are prone to heatstroke, a fan is installed on a telescopic arm, the telescopic arm is provided with an airflow channel, the fan is installed in the airflow channel, the airflow channel is provided with an air inlet mechanism and an air outlet mechanism, the fan is installed on the air outlet mechanism, the air outlet mechanism and/or the fan can rotate, and a refrigeration mechanism is installed on the airflow channel. The efficient and safe cigarette unloading device is mainly used for loading and unloading operations of a compartment loaded with cigarettes, the loading and unloading environment can be significantly improved, loading and unloading efficiency is improved, loading and unloading safety is ensured, and the manufacturing and using cost is low. Experimental results show that the efficient and safe cigarette unloading device enables operation efficiency to be improved by 17% and operation quality to be improved by 15%, and prevents dangerous accidents such as heatstroke.




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